Glasses Free 3D display 4k


Glasses-free 3D displays deliver wide-angle, 140-degree viewing in full 3D, without the need for 3D glasses. Our glasses-free 4K3D displays create uniform, high-quality images with accurate color depth at any brightness levels – including low brightness. Thanks to our unique cutting edge engineering concept, each can be easily as a high end product .

3D INNOVATION 4k displays are available from 55” to 85”,

Main Features:

  • Converse SBS image, video and games into 3D images directly
  • Free to adjust the comfort and 3D depth of field effect
  • Natural and realistic image quality, high brightness, high contrast, ultra high definition
  • Real stereo feeling and strong visual impact
  • Image can be compatible with both platform 2D and 3D contents
  • Support 3D games contents and 3D Blu-ray

No computer need, it is just plug and play, self-run. It plays 3D commercial of standard side by side 3D content. It can play as single unit or network. Content management is available to control all the units from a remote server through internet.


Glasses Free 3D 4k digital signage :

One of the best 3D image qualities in the world as brilliant and saturated color, strong and stunning 3D effect and pop out, cutting edge, unforgettable impression to the viewers. This is the best choice for advertisers at shopping mall, super center, metro station, railway station, airport, hotel lobby, etc.