Server is for you

For Control Room ,Video walls, Multi content,

when you are building a Cutting Edge Video Wall . 3D INNOVATION offers you the latest innovation in server assembling . these high end server are the perfect Solution for your video wall content or video wall room control . 3D INNOVATION developed and tailor to fulfill your needs .
All server are assembled end embedded with the cutting Edge Processor well know Intel Procesor, compatible with platform windows 7 ,8,10 , hard drive 1TB SSD , 1000 W power supply gold series, up 16k content resolution and capability , 3 yrs Limited warranty


  • video display adapter 9 ports
  • up to 100 display integration out put (optional)
  • Intel® i9 Processor
  • 1tb GB SSD* (Optional RAID)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • Redundant 1000W Power Supplies
  • Multiple 1080p HD Capture and Decode (optional )
  • UP TO 16K Ultra HD Content (option)
  • Live Streaming (IP Camera Input Capability) (option)
  • Perfect Solution for Video Wall Designs
  • Remote Management
  • Rack Mountable (4U Form Factor)
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Cutting Edge & INOVATION the unique solution for multiples Display and applications
3D INNOVATION tailor your video wall server as per your needs.

Multi-image Video Wall

When your project calls for a video wall with multiple images and possibly multiple image configurations, 3D INNOVATION video wall servers fit your budge. Built-in software allows you to set up multiple image configurations, and then either manually control them, or Control can be done locally or remotely from a central location.